Plan Selection and Cost Estimator

Finding the right health insurance or health benefits plan requires a closer look these days. You have different plan options, and want to know the premium costs. You’d like to get an idea of medical services you might need in the coming year. And it would be great to see how this could affect what you pay out of pocket.

Our online tool makes it all happen. You can use it to get helpful details and compare health plans. Then you can choose the one that’s right for you and your family.

Easy access to the facts
Use the tool to get:
Estimates of what health care services might cost in the coming year. These estimates factor in the:

  • Recommended preventive medical care for each family member, based on age and gender
  • Average cost of medical services needed for each person
     You can see:
    • The amount you’ll contribute from your paycheck
    • How much you may pay out of pocket
    • The value of health care services covered, including preventive care

Before you begin
Before you sit down at your computer, you’ll need some information handy, such as the:

  • Past year’s medical history for you and covered family members
  • Yearly contribution amount for each plan offered

Access the Plan Selection & Cost Estimator to get started.