As a member of the HMO, you have access to network providers without the requirement of a Primary Care Physician (PCP) selection or referrals. To help manage your health however, you may want to consider selecting a primary physician from those available in the Aetna network. Even if you do not choose a primary physician, prior authorization must be requested and received by a participating physician if required before certain services are performed. The HMO has no deductibles or claim forms to file for reimbursement, although a copayment may be required for certain services.

Finding a PCP or network doctor is easy. With the Aetna DocFind online directory, anyone can look for a doctor by specialty and location. All the information you need is there – including maps and directions to the doctor’s office.

Access the DocFindClick web site or visit and click on “Find a Doctor”.

View a Summary Plan chart (PDF) of your plan’s key features including your in- and out-of-network deductibles, your coinsurance rates, out-of-pocket limits and more. You will need this information throughout the year to manage your health care services.